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  • Rashida Dinehart

S2E13: Holiday Traditions - The Ones We Take and the Ones We Break

two children decorating a Christmas tree

As you know, this time of year can dredge up all sorts of emotions when dealing with grief and loss. So in this week's episode, we're talking holiday traditions - the ones we keep, the ones we break, and the new ones we're starting.

Traditions are such a big part of the holiday season. One Cara is breaking is all the over-decorating her mom used to do. Those little villages and clutter just don't work for her anymore. I'm the same when it comes to inflatable decorations dotting the yard - not my vibe! But we both still love putting up lights and listening to classic Christmas playlists that transport us back to childhood.

Another tradition getting nixed is the elaborate holiday meals. Cara mentioned that her mom went into debt trying to outdo each other every year. Now she focuses on staying within budget and still serving all the holiday magic. Me? Unlike my mom, I'm passing on the stress of cooking for a crowd in favor of low-key celebrations at home.

Some things we're holding onto include new Christmas jammies to open on Christmas Eve. Nothing beats cozy PJs! I also adore decorating, even if my style is minimalist compared to Mom's maximalist approach. Cara and crew are definitely keeping their annual Christmas light drives, oohing and ahhing at the crazy displays others put up.

This year we're starting new traditions too, like booking a party bus to take the kids on the drive-through lights while the adults drink and be merry. Breaking routines and establishing our own helps us feel joy in the season despite what - and who - we've lost.

Wishing you all peace and happiness this holiday, mamas. Don't forget that it's okay to feel your feels too. We've got this!

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