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Cara, as a mama to two adorable kiddos and one sweet black lab, entered her grief journey during the early years of her motherhood. In April 2020, she lost her mom to cancer, in 2021 had a miscarriage at 12 weeks gestation and most recently in 2022 is grieving the diagnosis of her son's hemophilia. Early on, she quickly found that the monumental loss of her mother left her searching for a space to navigate her grief & motherhood simultaneously. While she had endless Google searches, friends, and family for support, there was something missing. Sure there were tips and lots of ugly crying shoulder sobs, but nothing that also spoke about finding joy in the journey or the validation to feel ALL the feelings. And so, The Grieving Mamas Club was born. A space for Moms who are on the wild ride of Motherhood while navigating their grief journey. Cara's one wish for TGMC is to help just one person find joy again. Sure, there are dark & stormy days but we promise you, they even out and you will laugh and love again. Even with less guilt! 


Cara and her husband, Brian, their 2 kiddos, and their doggie, Abbie, currently reside in St. Louis, MO. 

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"Feel your feels."



A motherless mom of two who lost her mom when she was 15. Back then, grief and mental health were considered to be taboo topics, especially in the Black community. It wasn't until she was 22 that she finally paused to feel her grief and what she felt was pure anger. A proud supporter of therapy and Zoloft, she shares her journey with the TGMC community in the hopes of normalizing what it truly means to be at the intersection of motherhood and grief.

Rashida is more than just a podcasting mom. She’s also a seasoned marketing pro with a decade of experience developing strategic omnichannel marketing for brands. When she is not parenting or working, she can be found on a long walk with her dog while listening to an audiobook, sweating it out on the Peloton, or experimenting in the kitchen with both food and cocktails.

"There's joy here too! Grief isn't always sad."

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