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S2Ep11: Grieving Consecutive Loses with Grief Coach Audrey White

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Bereavement spelled out

Finding Peace Through Grief: A Perspective by Audrey White

In life's journey, we inevitably encounter moments of shattering loss. These experiences seemingly break us, leaving us feeling like fractured semblances of our former selves. But as Audrey White passionately argues, it is through grief that we can find our greatest strength, meaning, and ability to heal from the past. This centerpiece idea was thoroughly discussed in a captivating podcast session where Audrey shared her journey and tools for handling grief.

Personal Experience of Loss

Audrey White, through a series of tragic events, experienced an immense amount of loss in a brief period. The premature deaths of her beloved father, mother, brother, and several other close family members have been potent instances of grief for her. Adding to this personal avalanche of loss, she has also faced the emotional turmoil of divorce from a narcissistic partner and job losses in view of the global pandemic.

However, instead of succumbing to these heart-wrenching experiences, Audrey has given a new direction to her life by finding purpose in her grief. Striving to make the most out of the agony she suffered, Audrey took the bold step of becoming a grief coach. She is a beacon of hope for many, guiding them toward acceptance and teaching them to channel their grief into a force that triggers personal growth.

The Grief Coach Academy

Drawing from her personal experiences and her undeniable determination to heal others, Audrey established the Grief Coach Academy. The academy trains individuals to become support structures and guide others through their painful journeys of loss and grief. Empowering others by revisiting, accepting, and transforming their grief is at the heart of Audrey's coaching approach.

Implementing the P.E.A.C.E Method

Audrey introduced and discussed the "P.E.A.C.E" method which she learned at the Grief Coach Academy to work through painful thoughts and emotions. This effective tool underlines the importance of the following steps:

P – Present: Focusing on the present moment, not past regrets or future worries

E – Express: Fully expressing all emotions, even difficult ones like anger

A – Accept/Appreciate: Accepting reality and finding appreciation for any gifts or lessons

C – Consider: Considering an alternative perspective

E – Enthusiasm: Finding enthusiasm by focusing on values, meaning and gratitude

Audrey emphasized the importance of allowing yourself to immerse fully in all emotional dimensions, before proceeding towards acceptance and enthusiasm. She firmly disapproves of the notion of suppressing emotions like anger, stating that this hampers the overall process of grief.

Finding peace through their grief so they can live more fully

Audrey’s mission is to help people find their peace through their grief so they can live more fully. By normalizing conversations about grief, she believes people can process it in a healthier and more comprehensive way.

You can find more about Audrey White and the Grief Coach Academy through her websites, and Further, you can also follow her on social media platforms, on Instagram [@griefcoachacademy] and [@audreylaurawhite].

Loss can often lead us into a maze where the exit seems impossible to find. But like Audrey, we too can turn our experiences into a path of enlightenment and growth. Remember, sometimes, the only way out is through.

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